We integrate video calls from Zoom, MsTeams etc. and help implement remote seminars, trainings, lectures and other events, turning them into professional broadcasts.

The remote broadcasting of seminars, conferences, discussions, trainings, lectures, etc. currently became a very popular service. In this type of broadcast, communication between the audience and the speaker, questions and answers are really important. Therefore, we offer various solutions how to maintain communication between the two in a professional way, but remotely.

What technical possibilities we offer for this service:

  • Broadcasts for registered viewers only, secured streaming servers and the ability to integrate many different venues/places into one broadcast.
  • Special streaming websites, prepared according to the provided designs.
  • Broadcasting to various platforms simultaneously - Facebook, Youtube, news portals, etc.
  • Integration of social networking comments.
  • Online solution for questions / answers.
  • Virtual studios.
  • Integration of video ads, animated files.
  • Integration of presentation slides.
  • Subtitles, animated logos, "running lines" with relevant information.
  • Animated wallpapers and backgrounds.
  • Other personalized high quality solutions for your events.