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Scoreboard OCR

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system converts scoreboard camera view to real digits in real-time. ZoomCG Scoreboard OCR is a complete solution which includes:

Hardware kit


Web admin interface




Converts main game time, 24 sec shot clock, team points, fouls and other digits with single OCR system with 99,9 % accuracy

Hardware Kit

OCR hardware kit includes: Small form factor computer based on Intel NUC featuring device for video capturing

Admin interface

User-friendly web admin interface allowing full settings control, adjustments, monitoring, troubleshooting, managing, and OCR assignment to different production teams

Camera shake

Protection from small camera shakes or movements

Data Output

XML data output, Wirecast, CasparCG integration included

Live score

Online live score and data via XML or widgets

Scoreboard types

Works with segmented digits scoreboards (see the examples below)


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system 

  • Hardware kit
  • Software
  • Web interface

50 €/monthly

Billed annually
+ 550€ (hardware kit, including shipping)

Where we apply it?

Custom solutions for brands, media companies, sports and other events coming soon.

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Necessary for smooth OCR system performance

Stable OCR camera with a clear scoreboard view.

Stable internet connection (best option - dedicated fibre optics) with minimum 1 Mbps symmetrical uplink/downlink committed bandwidth.

Settings need to be readjusted every time the camera is turned away from scoreboard and does not return to exactly the same viewing position.

If OCR camera loses clear view for an extended period of time (covered by players, lights etc.), OCR system will recover automatically once clear view of scoreboard is available; no manual readjustment needed.

HDMI cable needed to connect scoreboard camera to OCR video capturing device.

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